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PasswordBox Raises $6M to Help Manage Your Passwords and Keep Them From the NSA

PasswordBox, a Montreal-based company that makes password-management services and apps for consumers, has raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Omers Ventures and including angel investors such as Boku CEO Mark Britto and Facebook commerce lead Lee Linden. “We’re Canadian, so there’s no Patriot Act,” quipped PasswordBox founder and CEO Dan Robichaud. “And everything is encrypted and decrypted locally on your computer, so we are NSA-proof. If we receive a subpoena, we will send the encrypted files.”

Syrian Electronic Army Targets President Obama in Latest Hack

Secure those passwords, people.
Barack Obama Reddit

Social Sharing App Buffer Hacked, Temporarily Halts Service

Social media managers, take note.

The Answer to “What Is My Password Again?”

Katie reviews PasswordBox, which stores online logins and automatically retrieves them at every visit to a website.

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Security Flaw Discovered in Tumblr iOS App

Tumblr, the massive Web-blogging network acquired by Yahoo earlier this year, disclosed on Tuesday evening a security issue on its iOS mobile application that “allowed passwords to be compromised in certain circumstances.” The company released an update to the app, available through the App Store, and urged all iOS users to update their passwords immediately. Outside of saying the password could be “sniffed in certain versions of the app,” Tumblr staff did not give further details on the nature of the security flaw.

LivingSocial Hack Update: Investigation Ongoing, While Emails Out to 50 Million Users

On the bright side … actually, there is no bright side.

LivingSocial Hacked — More Than 50 Million Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords Accessed (Internal Memo)

Another cyber-attack in a long line of worrisome incursions.

No, I Don’t Want to Tell You About the Fastest Way to Lose Body Fat in Two Weeks

On-purpose tweeting is the best kind.

Exclusive: Synacor to Offer TV Everywhere Authentication Via Social IDs

Debugging a “TV Everywhere” hassle.

Mission Impossibly Funny: Siri Will Self-Destruct in Five Seconds (Video)

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to laugh.

Password Manager LastPass Acquires Xmarks