Google “Closing In” on Unified Product Experience, Says Soon-to-Be MIA Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page says he may or may not be attending earnings calls going forward. Let’s bet on the latter.

As Earnings Miss, Google Would Rather Talk “Abundant Computing” and “Enhanced Ads”

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Google Fiber Is World-Changing! Or Maybe Not. Or Both!

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Survey Says: Despite Yahoo Ban, Most Tech Companies Support Work-From-Home for Employees

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Google Q3 Earnings: And Now … The Rest of the Story

Larry Page and company blame their earnings miss on factors like international currency fluctuation, and would rather talk about “a world of abundant computing.”

Wall Street Waits for Mark Zuckerberg’s Call

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Google CFO Patrick Pichette: I Don’t Get Why People Think Mobile Ads Are Worth Less

Though the business of mobile advertising is often criticized, Google CFO Patrick Pichette said it could outpace desktop ads.
Patrick Pichette

Google Q1 Earnings: “Velocity, Execution and Focus”

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Google Points to FX After Revenue Miss; Analysts Harp on CPC

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Google Updates Its Management Page…By Taking Almost Everybody Off It

We’d chided Google recently for its out-of-date management page, given the departures and promotions since Larry Page took back the CEO title on April 4. Now the company has, indeed, updated its management page…by taking almost everybody off of it.

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