Attack of the Clones: Facebook’s Annoying Overseas Growth Problem

Mark Zuckerberg speaks about the international thorn in Facebook’s side, at an industry event.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

Medical Crowdfunding Site Watsi Becomes Y Combinator’s First Nonprofit Startup

“I’ve never been so excited about anything we’ve funded,” says YC chief Paul Graham.


Tracking Global Growth in Seed Accelerators

A new kind of institution that promotes and celebrates a culture of entrepreneurship.

Q&A: Randall Stross on the World of Y Combinator

Y Combinator leader Paul Graham calls Stross’s book “remarkably accurate.”

Y Combinator’s Paul Graham Warns Start-Ups to Lower Funding Expectations

Y Combinator leader Paul Graham is now warning his companies to conserve their funding.
Paul Graham of Y Combinator

The Three Ventureers: Andreessen Horowitz Joining Conway and Milner in Y Combinator Start Fund

The high-profile venture firm is in for $50,000 per start-up. What cash crunch?

Y Combinator Unloads Massive New Batch of Start-Ups

The start-up incubator Y Combinator today is pushing out 63 new companies, its largest and most daunting class ever.

Start-Up Accelerators Get Topic-Specific: Education, Health and Now Cleantech

Start-up accelerators in the mold of Y Combinator are themselves a growth industry and now some are centered on specific topics rather than just common location.

Meet Y Combinator's Latest Class

Y Combinator on Tuesday showed off its latest class of start-ups at its Mountain View, CA, headquarters, offering an extra-large sampler pack of developer tools; social apps; lots of services for markets like real estate, doctors and parents; and, of course, a few of its trademark productivity apps. Here’s the list, along with a photo gallery.


Y Combinator’s Paul Graham on the $150K Per Start-Up Offer

When Russian investor Yuri Milner approached Y Combinator’s Paul Graham about a week ago, Graham said he thought it was just “one of those random meetings” between two investors talking shop.