The Writing on the Tablet

Walt answers a reader’s question on taking notes on tablets.

Anonymous Hacks NATO, Steals Lame Documents

The hacking group Anonymous raised eyebrows today for its “daring hacker raid” on the servers of NATO. What did it take? A bunch of documents that so far seem, well, boring, really.

News Byte

Apple Patches iOS PDF Vulnerability

Responding to an alert issued last week by Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security, Apple has patched a potentially dangerous PDF-related security vulnerability in MobileSafari. This morning the company issued iOS 4.3.4, an incremental update that corrects a flaw that could have been exploited by a malicious PDF file.

Apps for Androids

Walt answers a reader’s question on Apple-compatible apps for Android tablets.

Charting Yahoo's Q1 Search Stumble: The PDF of MicroHoo

Earlier today, Yahoo reported its first-quarter earnings, which showed revenue and earnings declines, which the Silicon Valley Internet portal said was due to its search and advertising partnership with Microsoft. Here’s more deets to peruse and numbers to crunch–in order to figure out whether to blame Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer or not.

In and Out Of Office: Putting iPads To Work

A brief primer on how to get such documents into and out of an iPad, and how to view, edit and create them on the tablet.
Putting iPads to Work


Cybercrooks Digging for Tax Data

It’s tax season, which means cyber-thieves are trawling the Web and sending counterfeit email in the hopes of snaring your personal tax data. And they’ve created websites with reasonable-seeming addresses and legitimate-seeming emails in order to lure unsuspecting citizens into clicking on the wrong link or downloading a virus-laden PDF.


Adobe Revamps Acrobat Software, Mobile Apps

Adobe Systems on Monday unveiled the latest version of its Acrobat suite of software for creating and viewing PDF files, the company’s latest move to bolster its influence over the popular document format and boost revenue from program sales and upgrades.

Hearst Makes Its iPad Debut With Esquire: Full Price, No Subscriptions

If you’re the kind of person who refuses to pay paper-and-ink prices for digital goods, then this one isn’t for you. But none of the iPad magazines are. Meantime, this one’s pretty slick.

Finding the Best Way to Read Books on an iPad

The iPad offers a wide selection of different e-reading apps. None is substantially better than the other, but together they enhance the experience of reading e-books.

GDrive Actually Google Docs