Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch Needs More Time

The Qualcomm Toq features some cool technology, but you don’t want to buy this smartwatch. Not yet, anyway.

If Wearables Are Going to Grow Up, Games Might Point the Way

If. Might.

Qualcomm’s Toq Smartwatch a Few Ticks Behind Schedule

The chipmaker still hopes the timepiece will ship by the holidays.
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With 190,000 Smartwatches Sold, Pebble Boosts iPhone Support

Pebble has gone from a tiny outfit trying to deliver promised smartwatches to its Kickstarter backers to a growing 40-person company looking to cement its role as a serious player in wearable technology.

Two Next-Level Wearables That Aren’t for Everyone

A smartband for fancy ladies, and another one for bodybuilders. Wonder if there’s anyone who will buy both.

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Pebble, the Kickstarter-Funded Smart Watch, Comes to Best Buy

Pebble, the E-ink “smart” watch that started shipping back in February, is finally coming to retail stores. The $150 watch will be sold at Best Buy stores starting on July 7. The exclusive partnership is Pebble’s first retail launch of the device, after raising more than $10.2 million on Kickstarter last year (previously, the Pebble could be ordered through the company’s own website). The watch, which connects with iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth to alert the wearer to app activity, will be available in jet black and cherry red.

E Ink Hopes New Display Will Help It Nab Share of Wearable Market Everyone Is Talking About

The flexible display maker hopes the wrist of the future will have room for one of its new 1.7-inch screens.
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Now Fully Kickstartered, Pebble Raises $15M in Venture Capital From CRV

Charles River Ventures backs the Kickstarter darling.

Yahoo’s Work-From-Home Kerfuffle, Groupon’s Ex-CEO and Firefox’s Lovers: The AllThingsD Week in Review 2/24/13 – 3/02/13

The Top 10 stories of the week, in one convenient serving.
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A Wristwatch Tells When Phone Calls, Emails Arrive

Walt reviews a new $150 digital wristwatch called Pebble that connects to an iPhone or Android phone wirelessly and displays notifications and previews of calls, texts, and emails.