Dispatch From the Ninth Ring of Hell: My AT&T iPhone Dropped Calls 37 Times in One Day as V(erizon)-Day Approaches

So, this was my genius strategy on the should-I-switch-from-AT&T-or-not question with the rollout of the Apple iPhone on Verizon in one week:

Everyone else would ankle on over to Verizon, like a stampede of digital cattle, with promises of a more robust network, thereby lightening the load on AT&T and making it easier to hold a call.

That dream ran smack into reality yesterday.

Verizon Beats AT&T in Voice Calls for iPhones

Some major benefits of the new Verizon iPhone service include crisp, clear calls with relatively few drops. But AT&T offers faster data downloads.

Weekend Update 05.15.10–The Privacy-Schmivacy Edition

It has been a rough week for more than a few tech companies, and all the hubbub seems to be centered around private data in public places. Facebook has taken more than a few on the chin this week, and it wasn’t the only company that committed privacy missteps. Weekend Update is seriously considering sealing all our personal data in a lead-lined jar and burying it in the yard behind AllThingsD HQ. Maybe Kara and the crew can talk a little sense into us.

Weekend Update 05.01.10–The iPhonetoberfest Edition

AllThingsD was back in full force this week, for the first time since before a certain volcano erupted all over the European transportation industry. We made the most of it, with a full stein of doppel-hopped awesomeness just for our readers.

Weekend Update 04.17.10–-The Power-Play Edition

AllThingsD was re-enacting its own Stanley Cup playoff situation this week as team captain Kara kept us going strong even while she had a man in the box. John Paczkowski was still out when East Coast defender Peter Kafka got the whistle from his wife that it was time to bring another little media man into the world. That left Kara alone on the ice here, but she shifted into a whole new gear and AllThingsD didn’t miss a beat.

Weekend Update 04.10.10–The Afterglow Edition

The tech media were catching up on sleep this week after all that iPad build up. It was years of speculation, of rumor mills and photoshopped images. This week, finally, at long last, we all got our hands on one of these little guys and now we can stop talking about it. Right.

Weekend Update 3.27.10–The Countdown Begins Edition

In case you are not yet worked up into enough of a lather, let Weekend Update help out. iPad apps are hitting the App Store, Jobs and Schmidt are brunching together and Apple has run out of iPads for day one. Developers are leaking screenshots of their latest “HD” apps, and the whole of Silicon Valley is about to explode in a sonorous collective oh yeahhh, as if everyone within a 100-mile radius were dipping into a hot tub simultaneously.

Weekend Update 03.13.10–North by Northwest Edition

With virtually every twittery, techie media fanboy and girl swarming all over the greater Austin area this week, it feels a little empty in the Bay Area. The sun is shining, but Dolores park is just a little emptier. There are fewer fixed-gear bikes darting between cars around the Mission District, and convenience store shelves are overflowing with unpurchased Pabst Blue Ribbon. Neither rain, nor snow, nor a hipster-packed BBQ joint can keep AllThingsD from our appointed post, though.

Weekend Update 03.06.10–The Blue Meanies Edition

All of us at AllThingsD are getting out our tuxes and gowns in anticipation of the big night. It’s going to be all about the story of a huge, profit-hungry oppressor using its might to crush competition for precious resources. Or, the Oscar might go to “Avatar.”

Weekend Update 02.27.10–“Get to High Ground” Edition

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you have come down from your tsunami perch. Grab some soup, put the furniture back on the floor and pull up a chair to catch up with your tech news this week. Better get it in before the aftershocks.

Weekend Update 01.23.10–The Bated-Breath Edition

We’ve all seen it, that spiro-graphed, color-splotched invitation to Apple’s Jan. 27 event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. Weekend Update isn’t on the inside, but we hear rumors that Jobs will storm the stage dressed as Moses, carrying the new tablet, which will be made of stone, under his robes. Apparently, that’s where it’s been hiding all along. Either that, or Weekend Update is going a little nuts from “tablet fatigue.”

Weekend Update 12.13.09–A New Hope

Walt Mossberg Interview on C-SPAN