Apple Scores Another Beat

The quarter topped the analysts’ consensus and hit the high end of the company’s forecast.

Japan Is Getting a New Apple Store

First new Tokyo store since 2005.

Apple Beats Muted Expectations

Apple investors steeling themselves for a disappointing quarter received a nice surprise instead — a slight beat.

Apple Beats Targets, Boosts Dividend

Did you hear a sigh of relief?

Five More Things to Chew on From Apple’s Earnings Report

The iPhone 5 is just beginning to hit its full-speed potential in many countries, the older iPhone 4 is a big hit, and Apple now handles more than two billion iMessages each day.
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Breaking Down Apple’s Retail Distribution Strategy

“Everyone who lives in an Apple Store city thinks that is where everything happens, but you can’t sell 40 million plus iPhones in a year through just 250 stores.”

Why You’re Not Getting a “Real” Apple TV for Christmas

Apple can make a nice TV set, but it can’t make an awesome TV set unless it can cut deals with the TV Industrial Complex. So, no Apple TV set anytime soon.

Go to the Head of the Class, iPad

The iPad 2’s $399 price point is unlocking demand in the education market.

Apple: Inventory Levels Were a Big Factor in Company’s Lower Sales and Outlook

The company added a bunch of iPhones to its inventory last quarter, putting a bit of a dent in this quarter’s sales figures. A similar effect for the iPad could hurt next quarter’s sales.
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What’s Behind the Drop in Kindle Fire Shipments?

One thing’s for sure — Apple’s iPad isn’t feeling the heat.

Apple Unveils Cash Plan Monday Morning

Fire Will Kindle Interest in iPad

Apple: Was It Really So Bad?

Apple Hasn’t Sold So Few iPods Since 2005

Apple Results Fall Short of Consensus

Apple Blows It Out…Again