Why You’re Not Getting a “Real” Apple TV for Christmas

Apple can make a nice TV set, but it can’t make an awesome TV set unless it can cut deals with the TV Industrial Complex. So, no Apple TV set anytime soon.

CliffsNotes for Apple’s Education Event

Apple wants to reinvent textbooks. Will it bring the publishers along, or work around them?

Android Users Like Apps, But Don’t Like Paying For Them

Another volley in the app wars: A new study that says Google’s Android App Market is stuffed full of free apps, but has very few people will pay for.

Hey Look! Here's a Guy Singing About the iPhone on Verizon

If you’re into that kind of thing.

Fortune Tackles Its Web Site Again, With a High-Profile Hire

Here’s what qualifies as a man-bites-dog story these days: A big mainstream business publication hiring an experienced business journalist. Weird, right? But true: Fortune magazine has hired veteran writer Dan Roth to run and revitalize the title’s Web site. He starts as managing editor next week.