With Private Messaging, Instagram and Twitter Continue Their Arms Race

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the two apps apart.

Heyday App Is a Journal of Your Life That Writes Itself

An iPhone app called Heyday automatically creates really nice montages of batches of photos that were taken at the same time in an attempt to record the user’s life.

Here’s What a Twitter Photo-Sharing Service Might Look Like (But It’s Probably Not a Twitter Photo-Sharing Service)

Magic Pics isn’t an Official Twitter Experiment. But the photo-recommendation bot, built by a Twitter engineer, is pretty interesting.
Magic Pics Twitter WM


Snapchat Users Upload More Photos Than Facebook? Not So Fast.

Snapchat, the startup darling of the moment, is claiming that its users upload more photos and videos each day than Facebook users. Upon inspection though, the numbers vanish, like a Snapchat message.

Some People Take the PlayStation 4 a Lot More Seriously Than Others (Slideshow)

Photos from the midnight launch of the PlayStation 4 in San Francisco.
ps4_VP 1436

Twitter’s Mobile Apps Begin to Look a Bit More Like Instagram

Prepare for more photo visibility inside the stream.

With a Slew of Updates, Google+ Makes Its Photography Pitch

Everyone loves photos — and Google wants yours in its social network.

Loom Gets $1.4 Million in Seed Funding From Google, Tencent to Build a Better Photo Library

Actor Will Smith and DC Shoes founder Damon Way are also among the Y Combinator grad’s early funders.
Loom iPad-feature

New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

Memoir doesn’t just show you food photos and baby pictures in a news feed. It reminds you where you were in photos from the past.

How to Launch a New Photo App: Wait for iOS 7 Launch, Try to Get Featured. Then Hope.

Memoir launches into a very, very crowded field. If they’re lucky, they’ll get a timely boost.