With Private Messaging, Instagram and Twitter Continue Their Arms Race

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the two apps apart.

Some People Take the PlayStation 4 a Lot More Seriously Than Others (Slideshow)

Photos from the midnight launch of the PlayStation 4 in San Francisco.
ps4_VP 1436

Twitter’s Mobile Apps Begin to Look a Bit More Like Instagram

Prepare for more photo visibility inside the stream.

New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

Memoir doesn’t just show you food photos and baby pictures in a news feed. It reminds you where you were in photos from the past.

Apple’s iPhone 5s/5c Event, in Pictures

A few visual highlights from the Apple event today in Cupertino.
schiller 5s feature

ATD Week in Review: The Inside Story of Microkia, Apple in China and Yahoo’s Fashion Model Logo

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa shake on the $7 billion deal.

Following Flickr’s Redesign, SmugMug Revamps Its Service

Another shiny new option for photo-obsessed consumers.

Canon’s Square PowerShot N Is a “Tweener,” but a Keeper

It’s hip to be a square digital camera.

E3 in Photos: The Wacky, the Weird and the Gaming Warriors

And, yes, plenty of booth babes.

News Byte

LinkedIn Brings Rich Media to Profiles

LinkedIn on Wednesday announced that it will now allow users to add video and photos to their profile pages — essentially, a way to let users create a more visual representation of an online resume. The update will begin rolling out to members of English-speaking countries on Wednesday.

Apple’s iPad Mini Event, in Pictures

Apple’s iPhone 5 Event, in Pictures

Day One at Google I/O, in Pictures

Better Gmail on the iPhone