After Q2 Results, Everyone Likes Salesforce Again

Next stop: $10 billion in sales.

Intel Rises on Analysts’ Sliver of Light in PC Tunnel

Still clinging to the hope of a corporate PC upgrade.

Place Your iPad Mini Bets

Sales of 1.5 million units this weekend, says Piper Jaffray bull Gene Munster. Not nearly enough, says Walt Piecyk.

iPad, iPhone Popular Among Teens With Rich Parents

Apple firms up its grip on America’s youth.

iPhone 5 a Hit Based on Key “Line Length” Metric

The lines for the iPhone 5 are 83 percent longer than they were for the iPhone 4S, says Piper Jaffray.

It Might Already Be Too Late to Be First in Line at the Apple Store This Week

Why preorder a new phone from the comfort of your own home, when you can camp in the street for a week?

Apple’s Biggest iPhone 5 Surprise: An Aggressive Rollout Schedule

Nine key markets to start, 100 by the end of the year.

Apple’s Patent Win Leaves Android Camp to Slog Through the FUD

Time to pay a lot more attention to your OS partners’ patent portfolios, handset makers.
Apple_Android_NapoleonDynamite Just Landed Its Biggest Deal Ever, but Can’t Brag About It

A new customer worth north of $140 million causes shares to rise, and catches Salesforce skeptics napping.

March Quarter Mac Sales Could Miss (Not That It Really Matters)

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says first-quarter Mac sales may fall short of expectations when Apple reports earnings next week.

Daddy, I Want an iPhone NOW!

Lion Keeps Mac Sales Roaring

Good Luck Finding an iPad 2