Plastic Logic Exits E-Reader Business It Never Really Managed to Enter

Wait. Wasn’t Plastic Logic out of the e-reader business already?

Plastic Logic Nabs New Funding, Plans Plant in Russia

Plastic Logic, a start-up known for showing off (but not necessarily shipping) advanced e-book readers, said that it has finalized an investment deal to build a factory in Russia.

Remember the Parrot!

There’s lots of cool stuff on display at CES this week. But bear in mind that lots of it will be DOA–or worse, it will never arrive, period.

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Plastic Logic Gets Some Love From Russia

Plastic Logic, still working on a consumer e-reader after an abortive first attempt, today announced that a “significant investment” by RUSNANO (Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies) will help it build a new volume fabrication plant in Russia for its next-generation plastic electronic displays. “Russia provides access to an enormous talent pool of scientists and engineers, and proximity to our European centers in Cambridge and Dresden,” said Plastic Logic CFO Rik Thorbecke.

The Wait for Plastic Logic's Que E-Reader Will Last Forever

The Que e-reader, which has missed at least three shipping deadlines, won’t miss any more: Plastic Logic is killing the thing off altogether. Plastic Logic insists that it will still be able to compete with Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle and countless other e-readers, though, via a “second-generation ProReader plastic electronics-based product.” Wisely, it won’t say when that one will show up.

Que? That’s Spanish for “Where the Hell Is My E-Reader,” Right?

Consumers who pre-ordered Plastic Logic’s Que ProReader expecting delivery June 24 received something else instead: An order-cancellation notice.

The Chapter And Verse on E-Bookstores

By Geoffrey Fowler.

While much of the attention has focused on the e-book reading devices, it’s becoming clear that the important decision isn’t just which device you choose, but also which e-bookstore you decide to frequent.


You Still Can’t Buy Plastic Logic’s Que E-Reader. Want to Buy Plastic Logic? [UPDATED]

Want to buy an e-reader from Plastic Logic? You will have to wait until “sometime this summer.” Want to buy the whole company? That’s a different story.


Plastic Logic Says Que E-Reader Delayed

Plastic Logic, the maker of an e-reader targeting business users, told customers on Thursday that it would delay the delivery of its first Que readers until the summer. The company had said at the Consumer Electronics Show in January that the device would be delivered in mid-April.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Finally Limps Into Stores. Too Late?

Barnes & Noble’s e-reader entry was supposed to have one big advantage over the Kindle–you could buy one at the retailer’s stores. But it has been a long time coming, and in the meantime, you may have heard about another compelling e-reader heading to market.

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