And Then There Was One, as Disney Picks Single Digital Leader

When you wish upon a digital strategy.

Disney to Unveil New “Gaming Initiative” Called Infinity on Jan. 15

Mickey Mouse in a game with Buzz Lightyear? How about Snow White sitting down to tea with Mr. Potato Head?

Disney Buys South Korean Game Developer Studio Ex for Push Into Asia

Asia loves Mickey, or so Disney hopes.

On the Facebook Menu at Zuckerberg’s Recent Dinner With Game Developers: Sushi and a Sliding Pay Scale

At a recent dinner, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg brought together all the top bosses in social gaming to talk shop.
mob meeting

Getting Gamers off the Couch: Red Robot Tests the Limits of Location-Based Gaming

Red Robot Labs is at PAX in Seattle this weekend to show off its new location-based game, Life is Magic.

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Facebook Makes Subscription Payments Available to All Developers

Facebook¬†is opening up¬†subscription services to all applications on the social network starting today. Now, if developers want to, they can provide premium versions of a game, or access to virtual goods, to consumers who are willing to pay a monthly fee. Kixeye, Disney’s Playdom and Zynga have been testing the idea in games since Facebook originally made the announcement in June.

Disney Hopes Brands Are the Best Protection Against Social Gaming Copycats

Disney is hoping that by associating its new social game to its theme park, Animal Kingdom, it will be harder for competitors to replicate.

Disney’s Playdom Publishes Third-Party Social Game Title Triple Town

Seeking a larger audience to play its game, Spry Fox is partnering up with Disney to publish its social game Triple Town on Facebook.

Disney Unveils Combat Game on Facebook, Based on Marvel Superheroes

For its first foray into social games, Disney is leveraging Marvel’s superheroes for a combat role-playing game.

Zynga’s First Post-IPO Title Is a Copycat of the Most Popular Facebook Game of 2011

It was a surprise when the top Facebook game of 2011 wasn’t a title from market-leading Zynga. But this year, the newly public company has plans to change that.
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