Six Podcasting Predictions for 2013

No matter how busy Adam Carolla gets, he still does his podcast every week.

Apple Expected to Update Buggy Podcasts App Later Today

A forthcoming update to the app should resolve some of the glitches that have plagued it.

Podcast Hunter Tracks Down the Web’s Best

Stitcher’s Smart Station delivers audio content from your favorite radio shows to your device.
On your Favorites list new podcast episodes enter the queue when they become available.

News Byte

Yup: Here’s Your Apple Podcast App

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when we told you that Apple was developing a standalone podcast app? Here it is.

Apple Gives Podcasts a Gentle Push Out of iTunes

Podcasts get their own app in iOS 6. And iTunes gets a (little) bit more streamlined.

Collected Videos of Late Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs at D, Now Free on iTunes

The late Steve Jobs made six lengthy appearances at our D: All Things Digital conference, from 2003 to 2010. Today, we are making all six of these appearances available free, in high-quality video.

Discovery Pushes Its Podcasting Stars in Front of the Camera: How the “Stuff You Should Know” Guys Got on TV

A few years ago, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant were unknown writers. Now they’re podcast big shots. Next year they could be cable TV stars.
Stuff You Should Know

News Byte

Stitcher Raises $10 Million to Turn Your iPhone Into a Talk Radio Receiver

Stitcher, which helps mobile-phone users stream talk shows, news updates and podcasts to their iPhones, BlackBerrys, etc., has raised a $10 million C round led by New Enterprise Associates. Earlier investors Benchmark Capital, New Atlantic Ventures, and Ron Conway re-upped as well. Stitcher promises users it can help them get their content more quickly than downloading via intermediaries like iTunes; it tells advertisers it can aggregate large groups of listeners. It has raised $20 million to date.

Viral Audio: While Arrington Fiddles and Bartz Erupts, My Cup o’ Crazy Runneth Over

Do I have something to say about the clown circuses going on at both Yahoo and AOL this week? You bet I do.

Viral Video: Apple Versus Predator

Uh, Hello? Cut-and-Paste!?!