Square Competitor Leaf Scores $20 Million Investment From Payments Giant Heartland

A big vote of confidence for the mobile POS upstart.
Leaf Point of Sale tablet

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Groupon Updates Its Breadcrumb Point-of-Sale So It Can, Well, Redeem Groupons

Groupon is today releasing an updated version of its Breadcrumb point-of-sale app that will, among other things, have a Groupon redemption feature built into it that automatically tallies how many Groupon vouchers have been redeemed. The update also stores transactions for up to an hour, in case a merchant loses its Internet connection, and processes those transactions that happened offline when the connection is back up. Additionally, merchants with large menus are getting a search function to help them save a bit of time.

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Square Stand Goes on Sale at Apple and Best Buy Stores

Square Stand, the payments company’s pretty and pricey iPad stand for business owners, is available at Apple and Best Buy retail stores starting today, the company announced. The $299 sleek, white device includes a credit-card reader but not much else. Still, as AllThingsD’s Mike Isaac wrote in May, “You could slap a $500 iPad on a $300 stand and perhaps buy one or two of the ticket-printing peripherals to go with it, and be set up for under $1,000.” The point-of-sale hardware can also be purchased on Square’s website.

Microsoft Restructuring and the Oracle-Salesforce Bromance — AllThingsD’s Week-In-Review

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

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NQ Mobile Gets a Target Retail Presence

NQ Mobile, the mobile services company, announced Monday that it will have a retail presence at the point of sale in more than 1,500 Target stores. The retailer will promote at least three of NQ Mobile’s product offerings: NQ Mobile Security, NQ Family Guardian and NQ Mobile Vault for Android.

An Unlikely Startup Enters the Point-of-Sale Business: Warby Parker

The hipsterific glasses retailer chooses to build instead of buy.
Warby Parker retail store

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Square Beefs Up Its Register for Restaurants

Commerce startup Square on Monday rolled out an update to its Register product, the software given freely to merchants to use as a point-of-sale system in conjunction with the Square card reader. The update makes the software more amenable to short-order restaurants by giving them the ability to create customized kitchen tickets and order modifications, essentially an attempt to make its software useful to more types of businesses in the SMB demographic.

NetSuite Acquires Point-of-Sale Company Retail Anywhere

Traditional retailing is looking a lot more like e-tailing everyday.
Zach Nelson of NetSuite

Groupon Adding Point-of-Sale Technology to Its Merchant Offerings

Today, the company is rolling out Breadcrumb, a mobile payments solution for restaurants, bars and cafes.


The iPhone 5 Doesn’t Have NFC — So What?

When you ask the average person what is the underlying technology used to make the connection to their digital wallets, the answer will be “who cares?”