Book Excerpt: How Minecraft Creator Markus Persson Almost Took a Job at Valve

An excerpt from Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson’s book about the creation of Minecraft, released in English this November.
minecraft book feature

LivingSocial Suffers Web and App Outage

The daily deal site goes down.
Livingsocial outage goes down

AOL Turns Moviefone Over to BermanBraun for Reboot

Press one for a much-needed overhaul of the service that still lives in 1999.

Valve’s Steam Machines Won’t Be “Console Killers,” but Here’s How They Could Shake Up Gaming Anyway

If they work as promised, Steam Machines could be disruptive — just not in the way you think.

Former Yahoo and Microsoft Media Exec Scott Moore Tapped as Cheezburger President and COO

He ran MSN and Yahoo Media, but can he herd some cats?

Exclusive: EA Partners Founder’s New Company Will Invest $40 Million in Mobile Indie Games

Mobile (games), mobile (games), mobile (games)!

Up Is Down and Down Is Up: Yahoo Stock Waxes, While Apple Wanes

Ironic, much?

New Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro Hints at the Future of the Web Portal (Pro Tip: Get Personal!)

A bit of insight from Yahoo’s new ops man, in a very general way.
Yahoo COO Henrique De Castro, right, in conversation at DLD Munich.

Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me: Yahoo’s Latest New Homepage Redesign Tries Dramatic Interactive Tile Look

Apparently, imitation of Flipboard, Window 8, Pinterest, Wonderwall and more is the sincerest form of flattery.
yahoo1 2

OnLive Denies Reports That It’s Shutting Down

What about the reports of mass layoffs? Stay tuned.
OnLive Desktop for iPad