Palm: New Devices, webOS Upgrade in the Works

Aside from reports of high-profile employee defections and shareholder lawsuits, we haven’t heard much news out of Palm since the announcement of its acquisition by Hewlett-Packard. Expect that to change in the months ahead.

Palm Handsets Priced to Pwn

Remarking on slowing sales of the Pre in August 2009, Pali Research analyst Walter Piecyk suggested that Palm and Sprint, its sole carrier partner at the time, would be wise to drop the price of the device to 99 cents and put it in the hands of as many customers as possible before it lost the little differentiated advantage it had. Piecyk’s advice went unheeded–until the past few weeks.

Palm CEO: Can’t Read My, Can’t Read My Poker Face…

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has a message for those who claim the company’s days are numbered: Palm is not going anywhere. Though its fast-declining fortunes might suggest Palm’s endgame is either buyout or bankruptcy, things aren’t quite so dour–not according to Rubinstein, anyway.

RadioShack Dumping Palm? [UPDATED]

For Palm, April is indeed proving to be the cruelest month. It began with reports that the company has put itself up for sale and continued with news of the departure of software chief Michael Abbott. Now comes another ugly development: RadioShack appears to be dumping the company’s smartphone line.

The Palm Anti-Brain-Drain Filings: Collect the Entire Set!

As short as the following filings from Palm yesterday are, they say a lot about the current forecast for the troubled handset maker, which is reportedly seeking a buyer: Cloudy with a definite chance of talent exodus. Here’s Palm’s attempt to stanch the flood.

Harbinger Bets That Palm’s Hand Is Better Than You Think

Somebody, somewhere is going to buy Palm. And whoever that is will end up paying more for the company than the market thinks it’s worth today. At least, that’s what Harbinger Capital hopes now that it owns 10 percent of Palm.

Palm: Those Were the Videos, My Friend, I Thought Roger McNamee Would Never End (Up Selling)

With rumors flying hither and yon about the sale of Palm–likely to an Asian company, such as HTC or Lenovo–BoomTown is getting all misty for those days of hope that the little innovative smartphone pioneer might actually prevail against the giants. Not for the creepy lady in the advertising for the Pre, mind you, but everything else. Thus, here are three videos in which the dream was still alive at Palm.

Palm: I Cast Thee Out Creepy Lady Ad Agency

Well, Modernista founder Gary Koepke was right about one thing: The absurd ads his agency conceived for the launch of the Palm Pre really could have worked harder to show how the phone worked–a lot harder. Because here we are a year after the device launched and Palm is languishing amid lousy sales and an alarming inventory problem.

Palm’s Worst Nightmare: New iPhones on AT&T and Verizon

The debut of a fourth-generation iPhone this summer and, later, a second version of the device designed for use on CDMA networks like those operated by Verizon, will be great news for Apple, AT&T and, potentially, Verizon. But it doesn’t bode well at all for Palm, which has already seen strong competition from the iPhone and new Android devices like the Droid undermine sales of its Pixi, Pre and their “Plus” successors.

A Palliative for Palm

Today brought with it some much needed good news for Palm: A contrarian upgrade on its shares from research outfit BMO Capital.

Palm Running Out of Time–Again

My Prediction, Palm: Pain.

Time to Start Looking for a Buyer, Palm?