Sitting on the Couch Is So 2013. Now You Can Run in Place While You Play Videogames!

Run, Forrest, run! And try not to look like a dork while you’re hooked up to all that equipment.
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Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III Selling on Amazon for $800

Think you’ll get a discount because it’s Guess again.

More Early Adopters Want Kindle Fire Than iPad

Survey says 26 percent of Amazon Kindle Fire early adopters say they are delaying the purchase of an iPad.

HP TouchPad 4G Hits Amazon

Last week saw Hewlett-Packard offering a number of rebates and discounts on its first generation TouchPad. Now we know why.
HP TouchPad

Steve Specifically Asked for Snowfall White and They Came Back Navajo White

What happened to the white iPhone 4? Evidently, it’s a bit more difficult to manufacture than its black counterpart. So much so that Apple has officially delayed its release until the second half of July.

Underpromise and Early Deliver: Apple Says Some iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Coming Tomorrow

Here’s a nice surprise for early adopters who managed to successfully place an iPhone 4 pre-order the first day it was possible to do so: Some of you may receive your device a day early.

Analyst: iPhone 4 Launch a “2 Million-3 Million iPhone Event”

Apple’s announcement that it presold a record 600,000 iPhone 4s on Tuesday despite a fiasco of an ordering process has analysts predicting this year’s iPhone launch will be the best ever. Earlier this week, UBS analyst Maynard Um and Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster issued bullish first-weekend sales forecasts. And now Susquehanna Financial’s Jeff Fidacaro has followed suit with what I think is the most bullish prediction to date.

100 Million iPhone Owners by End of 2011? Maybe Once the Pre-Order Issues Are Sorted Out.

Apple will more than triple iPhone ownership in the next year and a half, giving it an installed base of 100 million people by the end of 2011. This according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, who theorizes that more than half of all current iPhone owners plan to upgrade to the iPhone 4.

New iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Now Delayed to July 14 [UPDATED]

Apple has again adjusted the shipping date for new iPhone 4 pre-orders. After changing it from June 24 to July 2 early this morning, the company pushed the date even further back.

Microsoft’s Bing Deal