ATD Week in Review: Steve Ballmer’s Legacy and the “Elegant” Golden iPhone

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QOTD: One Steve Jobs Prediction That Was a Little Off

All the work that I have done in my life will be obsolete by the time I’m 50.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1994

Buy the Stroller Now or Wait for a Price Drop? adds children’s gear to the range of products whose prices it forecasts.

Viral Video: Nate Silver Declared President of United States of Pollsters

Apparently, every Obama poll had a Silver lining.

One More Election Prediction, From — No, Not Nate Silver or Karl Rove — SurveyMonkey

Whatever your choice: Go vote!
final models FINAL version copy-feature Says It Will Accurately Predict Prices or Your Money Back helps eliminate buyer’s remorse by predicting whether the price of products will rise or fall. Now it is confident enough about some of its deals that it’s offering a money-back guarantee.
decide_got your back

2012: Siri Is a Stunner, Amazon Is Amazin’ and Security Gets Spendy

Tech prognosticator Mark Anderson is back in New York with his annual predictions for the world of tech in 2012.

I Am Number 4S? — No Sparkly iPhone 5 Disappoints Apple Fans (and Wall Street)

Be nice to Mac fanboys today. Apple rolled out a new iPhone today. Sort of.

Liveblogging Yahoo's Q1 Earnings Call: Get Me to Funky Town

MicroHoo is funky! At least according to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on the Silicon Valley search giant’s first-quarter earnings conference call about its recent financial performance. Yahoo’s results showed a continued worrisome revenue growth stall, due in large part to a search advertising fall-off, and a still-turning turnaround.

News Byte

Mobile Data Forecast: Unrelenting Downpour

No surprises here: Worldwide mobile data traffic is exploding. But the degree to which it’s exploding is pretty remarkable. Between 2009 and 2010, mobile data traffic nearly tripled. And according to Cisco’s annual Global Mobile Traffic Forecast, it will see a 26-fold increase by 2015. Staggering, though perhaps to be expected given the proliferation of data-intensive mobile devices. Cisco predicts that by 2015, there will be 7.1 billion of them slurping up 75 exabytes of data (an exabyte is 1 billion gigabytes). No wonder the unlimited data plan is being phased out.

A $2 Billion Beat for Apple?

HP Names Ex-SAP Chief Apotheker as CEO

Apple COO: Leave AT&T Alone

“Soggy Pork”: The Other White Meat

National Semi Chips Away at Workforce