Carryalongs Dominate, Enterprise Struggles and Hacktivists Rule in 2013

Analyst Mark Anderson makes his annual batch of predictions.


Captain Michio and the World of Tomorrow

By 2020, the word “computer” will have vanished from the English language, physicist Michio Kaku predicts. Every 18 months, computer power doubles, he notes, so in eight years, a microchip will cost only a penny. Instead of one chip inside a desktop, we’ll have millions of chips in all our possessions: furniture, cars, appliances, clothes.

Super Bowl Predictions: How EA Uses Madden to Guess the Final Score

Electronic Arts is using artificial intelligence and real-life data to predict that the New York Giants will defeat the New England Patriots by a field goal on Sunday.

IBM Predicts Home Electricity From Your Bike, Mind-Reading Computers

Big Blue marks the end of the year by rolling out its crystal ball.

News Byte

Another Ad Forecast Dims

We’ve seen several ad forecasters pull back their growth predictions in recent months, and here’s another: Zenith Optimedia projects worldwide ad spend to increase 3.5 percent in 2011 and 4.7 percent in 2012. That’s down from an October forecast of 3.6 percent and 5.3 percent, respectively. Web spending, per usual, will grow much faster –15.9 percent between 2011 and 2014, with Google now accounting for 44 percent of the digital market.

2013 Apple Earnings Forecast Raised From Huge to Ginormous

Add another chapter to the never-ending Apple growth story. A big one.

Buyer's Remorse: 16 Percent of Galaxy Tabs Are Returned

No wonder sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab to date haven’t been what the company expected. Not only are consumers buying fewer of them than previously thought–they’re also returning them more frequently.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Sells Well to Retailers–Consumers, Not So Much

Samsung may have shipped two million Galaxy Tabs in its fourth quarter, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it sold them all. Because evidently, it didn’t. In truth, sales to date haven’t been as fast as the company expected.”

Why Is Google Spending $10 Million on Fflick? Perhaps to Predict Box Office Success.

Fflick tells you what movies your Twitter friends like and dislike. Google may be dropping $10 million on the service for something far more valuable than that.

Apple Stock Soars as Wall Street Predicts What’s Next for Its iDarling

The iPhone and Mac maker saw its market capitalization top $300 billion on Monday as investors and analysts tried to forecast where the company is headed in 2011. Among the expectations are a Verizon iPhone, an improved iPad and more cloud services.