Twitter Hikes Its Promoted Trend Prices Again, to $200,000 a Day

That’s up 150 percent from 2010.

Flat-Screen TV Prices: Anything but Flat

So much for falling TV prices.

Merger Opponent Parodies T-Mobile Ads to Attack AT&T Deal

A series of YouTube videos from the consumer group Free Press plays on T-Mobile’s recent ad campaign to make the case that the proposed $39 billion deal will lead to less choice, higher prices and job cuts.
Free Press anti ATT-Tmo

Bing Launches New "Price Predictors" Travel Feature

Microsoft’s Bing has launched a new way to search among billions of airfares much faster, while Google’s $700 million acquisition of ITA Software continues to be reviewed by antitrust regulators.

Texas Wants Google to Spill Its Secrets–Here's the List

The antitrust investigation Google is facing in Texas is quite a bit broader than originally thought. A civil investigative demand sent last July by the office of Attorney General Greg Abbott, and first reported by Bloomberg, reveals an inquiry not just into ad pricing, but site ranking and “the manual overriding or altering of” search results as well.

Nokia’s Microsoft Partnership: Does the New Strategy Add Up?

Nokia has already announced the key piece of its strategy–a shift to Windows Phone for its future smartphones. Now the company is set to talk about the financial implications of that and go through the rest of its strategy, which includes a mix of Symbian and even a dash of MeeGo. Mobilized has live coverage of the event, which started at around 4 am PT, or noon here in London.

News Corp. Gets Ready to Say Goodbye to Myspace

Myspace’s time with News Corp. is coming to an end. Then again, it’s been headed that way for quite some time–it’s just that News Corp. is now being that much more forthright about it.

Start-Up Watch: Smoopa Android App Helps Electronics Shoppers Compare Prices

Smoopa, a new comparison shopping start-up with a pretty silly name, this week introduced its first app, which allows Android users to scan bar codes of electronics, movies and games, and find out whether they’re cheaper online.

Guess What? Apple Now Takes in More for Each iPhone Than for iPad

Because of subsidies, consumers pay far less for the iPhone than for the iPad. However, in terms of what Apple gets in revenue, these days it actually makes slightly more for the average iPhone than it does for the larger iPad. Mobilized takes a look at the numbers.

Memory Chips Are About to Get Cheaper

As demand for PCs has slowed, so has demand for the memory chips that go into them. Good news for everyone but the companies that make memory.

Amazon: What iPad?

Hate Paying for Cable? Here’s Why.