HP Closes the Book on 2013, but 2014 Doesn’t Look Much Better

The turnaround at the computing giant is still ongoing, and going and going.

HP Is Swimming Upstream as Turnaround Efforts Falter

A key admission that sales won’t grow next year raises big questions about the company’s prospects.

Is HP’s Turnaround Strategy Sustainable?

Time is not on HP’s side, analysts say.

HP’s Q2 Earnings Beat Expectations on Weak Sales

Better profits, weaker sales.

Amid Tech Slowdown, HP CEO Whitman Under Pressure to Show Progress

Worries that success seen last quarter was a fluke.

HP Faces Trouble on Every Side Ahead of Earnings Report

After so much bad news from competitors, it’s hard to be optimistic.

HP Earnings Better Than Feared, but Still Not Great

Deutsche Bank is not impressed.

HP Did “Better Than We Expected We Would,” Whitman Says

A happier tone.


Canon Sees Profit Growth on Weaker Yen

Canon Inc. said its net profit for the fourth quarter fell fractionally from a year earlier but forecast a rise in profit for 2013 as its overseas sales get a boost from the yen’s weakening.

HP Memo Confirms Layoffs and New Directions at Autonomy

Some cuts, some hiring, and big product plans in the offing. We got your memo.

The HP Breakup Idea Gets Another Look

Should HP Break Up or Stay Together?