Motorola’s Moto G Might Stand for “Great” Budget Phone

Willing to sacrifice 4G/LTE? Moto G, at $179, is the mid-range, contract-free phone to beat.
Moto G

New Kindle Paperwhite Is a Snappier, More Capable E-Reader

The new Kindle Paperwhite has a faster processor and a better screen than its predecessor. Should you upgrade?

Apple’s iPhone 5c: $99 With a Two-Year Contract, $549 Unlocked

One word: Plastics.

ATD Week in Review: Microsoft Partner Woes and Samsung’s Steroid Specs

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Transferring Information to a New BlackBerry

Can you transfer emails, calendar entries and memos from older BlackBerrys, like the Bold, to the new Q10?

Power Testing: Can Two New Laptops Really Last All Day?

Walt puts to the test the battery-life claims of Apple’s new MacBook Air and Sony’s Vaio Pro.


Two Views From Samsung About its “Octa” Chip

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Samsung described an unusual eight-brained processor as a major step above competing chips. Now that U.S. buyers will be late to get it, the company is playing down the differences.

Kyocera Torque: Not Exactly Elegant, but Can Handle All Your Drops and Dunks

Prone to dropping your phone on the ground — or worse, in water? The new Kyocera Torque can take it.

LG’s New Flagship Phone, Optimus G, Coming to the U.S. by End of Year

I know, I know, it’s iOS 6 launch day. But there are other smartphones out there … right?

Intel Finds a Russian MegaFon for Its Android Ambitions

A Russian carrier is the latest company to use Intel’s reference design as a way to offer up its own branded smartphone.

Waiting for Windows 8

Tablets Flying Fast and Furious at CES