Seven Questions for Evernote CEO Phil Libin

Building a “Nike for the mind.”
Phil Libin at WWDC 2013

Microsoft’s Sculpt Keyboard Makes Ergonomic Desktops Cool

Microsoft’s newest keyboard adds a dash of style to ergonomics.
The Sculpt's project code name was "manta ray," due to its likeness to the flattened fish

With $15M From Benchmark, Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s Quip Aims to Take Productivity Mobile

Former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor is now on a mission to “build the productivity suite for the mobile era.”

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston: We’d Love to Integrate With Google Docs

Houston was enthusiastic about direct integration with Google Docs. “That’s something we would love to do,” he said.
Drew Houston

Yahoo Acquires Xobni for Upward of $30 Million


News Byte

Paper App Draws $15 Million in Funding From Andreessen Horowitz, Jack Dorsey

FiftyThree, the New York-based company behind the popular iPad sketching app Paper, has raised $15 million in a Series A funding round led by Chris Dixon of Andreessen Horowitz. Other investors include Shana Fisher of High Line Venture Partners, Josh Kushner’s Thrive Capital, Ron Conway and Jack Dorsey. FiftyThree is comprised of ex-Microsoft designers and engineers who created Paper to enhance productivity on the iPad. The app is free to download, and includes in-app purchases for utility tool kits. The company plans to hire talent and expand the collaborative features of the app with the fresh funding.

With iPad Mini Keyboards, It’s (Literally) the Little Things

Tablet users are finally starting to accept the iPad as a productivity device. Can the iPad mini be one, too?

On the Road to Self-Betterment, Apps That Keep You on Track

Setting goals is easy. Keeping them is the hard part.

News Byte

Yahoo Scoops Up Another Small Startup: Gaming Platform PlayerScale

Yahoo said it had bought PlayerScale, a small gaming infrastructure startup for cross-platform gaming. Yahoo has been on a bit of a tear in buying up small companies for low prices, to strengthen its talent and expertise in a wide variety of arenas, including mobile, productivity and gaming. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but PlayerScale said on its blog that it would “continue to support our existing product,” which is Player.IO.

Yahoo Falls For Tumblr, Google I/O, and Bill Gates on Steve Jobs — 10 Things You Need to See on AllThingsD This Week

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