Twitter Promoted-Account Ads for Mobile Go Mainstream

Cha-ching! More ad units in Twitter users’ main timelines.


How Twitter Is Going to Take a Billion Dollars From YouTube

All Twitter needs to do is host long-form video, and it’s off to the races.

Twitter Is Made for Mobile, but It Still Has a Mobile Ad Gap

Most of Twitter’s users are on mobile, but mobile users makes less money for Twitter. The problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.
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If You Can’t Sell to Me on My iPhone, Best Buy, You Can’t Sell to Me at All

Yes, people are making purchases on mobile phones. But only when a brand makes it easy for them.

Big Media Loves Promoted Trends, Twitter’s Big-Dollar Digital Billboards

$5.2 million in a month, at $200,000 a day.
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Twitter Hikes Its Promoted Trend Prices Again, to $200,000 a Day

That’s up 150 percent from 2010.

Mobile Ad Problem? Not at Twitter, Says Dick Costolo.

Twitter is now generating more money from mobile than from the desktop, says the CEO. “I couldn’t be happier with it.”
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Twitter Ads Head to Your Phone

Promoted Tweets get a promotion to the mobile ranks.

Twitter Quietly (Finally) Launches Self-Serve Ads

Still a small test. But if Twitter’s ad biz is ever going to get big, this will be an important step.
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Twitter Pumps Up Its Ads Today With “Promoted Tweets to Followers”

Twitter’s slow-moving ad business takes another step forward today: Advertisers will get a better shot at delivering their messages directly into users’ timelines.