Temporary Surface Pro Price Cut Now Permanent Surface Pro Price Cut

Evidently, that temporary $100-off promotion didn’t drop Surface inventory levels as much as Microsoft had hoped.


Cleanup in Aisle 3: How Retailers Will Avoid Slipups in the Digital Age

In the future, as more people turn to the Internet for the bulk of their groceries, produce could make up a third of retail grocery purchases.

Mobile Thursday? Smartphone Shopping Is Still Tiny, But It’s This Year’s Big Online Buzzword.

This year’s questionable anecdotal meme: Apple iPads go well with pumpkin pie.

Mobile App Kapture Wants to Pay You to Take Photos of Yourself (With Brands, of Course)

If you’re guilty of puckering up to your smartphone camera, you might as well get rewarded for it.

Can We Say Damage Control? Amazon Talks Up Its Role in the Success of Independent Businesses.

Amazon is not all about squashing the little guy, or at least that is what it wants you to believe this holiday season.

Retailers vs. Amazon: A Brick-and-Moral Dilemma

Brick-and-mortar retailers are asking consumers to “buy it where you try it” after Amazon disclosed it will be encouraging consumers to treat stores as showrooms through the use of a one-day promotion on Saturday.


Delays Hit Amazon’s Lady Gaga Promotion

Amazon.com Inc.’s one-day, 99-cent promotion of Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated second studio album, “Born This Way,” resulted in downloading delays on the Internet retailer’s website due to high volume, the company said Monday.

Amazon Hints at Android Strategy With Latest App Promotion

Amazon is rolling out a new promotion on Monday that reveals how it could package together its various efforts in the wireless industry.

News Byte

Microsoft, T-Mobile Look to Make Music Together With Streaming Concerts

Only a lucky few get to go to T-Mobile’s concert series, but thanks to Microsoft, anyone can listen in to the three shows via the Web. The series, which kicks off with an Ellie Goulding show from Chicago at 5:30 p.m. PT tonight, aims to show how tech can be used to enjoy music socially. The concerts can be seen by checking out the “Live Rising” tab on T-Mobile’s Facebook fan page or via mobile phone. Cold War Kids will play April 1 and Rye Rye on April 9.

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