Kick the Can — Yahoo Mail Is a Consumer Disaster, but Company’s Response Is Even Worse

Memo to Yahoo Mail users: Protect your flanks.

#ThrownOutByTwitter: Upset San Franciscans Plan IPO Day Protest

Say hello to your adoring public, Twitter.

Like, 4 Real

We will burn the Golden Like and thus bring the act of liking to where it belongs.

— Dutch painter and performance artist Dadara (a.k.a. Daniel Rozenberg), referring to the 30-foot sculpture of a Facebook “Like” that he created for Burning Man this year, where it was widely misinterpreted as a Facebook endorsement


Anti-NSA Web Protest Planned for July 4

On July 4, a coalition of Internet activists is planning to protest National Security Agency surveillance with a campaign designed to splash the text of the Fourth Amendment (which protects against “unreasonable searches”) across thousands of sites.

Major Pakistan Cellular Company Lets Users Tweet for Free

Tweet free or die.

Uber Driver Protest Yields Little Impact; Company Says Demand Peaked for St. Paddy’s

Uber says protesting drivers appear to have had no effect on demand over the holiday weekend.
2013-03-15 16.54.42

Uber Drivers Protest Outside the Company’s San Francisco Headquarters

“No respect, no work,” say Uber drivers.
2013-03-15 16.54.42


They’re scumbags and we just don’t have the patience for scumbags.

— Commerce network Limited Run, in a Facebook post, alleging that 80 percent of the clicks on its Facebook ads came from bots rather than real people

Twitter Continues Legal Fight in Occupy Wall Street Protester Trial

Twitter strikes back against a judge’s ruling in an ongoing legal battle between a Twitter user and the state of New York.

Viral Graphic: A World Without Wikipedia

Ooh, more pretty pictures.

Sound Bites From the SOPA Strike

App Makers Craft Code for Protesting SOPA

Microsoft Lawsuits: 1 Down, ? to Go