Buying a Videogame Console on Black Friday? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A buyer’s guide to the deals you can get — and the differences among the game consoles — for anyone partaking in America’s consumerist holiday.

AllThingsD Week In Review: AppSung 2, Internet Funneling and Inside Microsoft’s CEO Search

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.
Samsung Apple Men In Black Suits II

Is This “The Last Console Generation”? And Nine Other Questions for Sony’s Jack Tretton.

The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America talks about the launch of the PlayStation 4 and how it stacks up to competitors — both in the living room and in gamers’ pockets.
Tretton feature

Netflix Tries Breaking Up Your Family, and Thinks You’ll Like It

You like your shows. Your kids like their shows. And this confuses Netflix’s robot recommenders. Now the company says it has an answer.
netflix profile

News Byte

NPD: Nintendo 3DS Was the Best-Selling Video Game System in the U.S. in June

Nintendo sold 225,000 units of its portable game console, the Nintendo 3DS, in June. That’s according to market research firm NPD, which called the 3DS the best-selling video game system in the U.S. that month. Its main competitor in gaming-specific handhelds is Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which has historically lagged behind the 3DS in sales. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 sold 140,000 units in June, while Sony has not disclosed how many PS3s it moved.

Okay, Microsoft — What’s Your Next Game Machine Going to Look Like?

At Dive Into Media, Xbox execs Yusuf Mehdi and Nancy Tellem weren’t ready to “launch” the new Xbox. But they dropped some hints. Here’s the full interview.

Disney Takes on Games, Again, With Infinity

When it comes to games, it’s an Angry Birds world. The Mouse House would like to change that.
disney infinity

Microsoft: Google Is (Still) Blocking Us From Building YouTube for Windows Phone

Microsoft is trying to put a little public antitrust pressure on Google.

Your Internet Is Already on Your TV

No need to wait for convergence: More than 40 percent of Americans have already connected the Web to their flat screens.

Watching Netflix on a Big Screen? You’re Probably on a PS3.

The game machine gets less hype as a video player than the Xbox 360, but it’s streaming more stuff, says Reed Hastings.

No PS4 at E3. Really.