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After it was cold-shouldered by the Supreme Court, we’ve likely heard the last from Psystar.

Weekend Update 12.19.09–Last-Minute Shopping Edition

Kara covered three Web companies this week, two with very 2.0 names and one about as Web 1.0 as it gets. BoomTown caught up with Mark Pincus of Zynga, the social-gaming juggernaut, right after the company raked in about $180 million from private investors. She got into it with Pincus over those questionable “offer” adverts in the video. Kara was back on familiar territory with a post about AOL this week.

Psyonara: Apple Wins Permanent Injunction Against Mac Clone Maker

After 17 months of litigation, the hammer has finally fallen on Psystar. The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Tuesday granted Apple’s request for permanent injunction against the Mac clone maker, barring it from peddling PCs with the Mac OS X operating system preinstalled, circumventing the technological measures Apple uses to prevent unauthorized copying of Mac OS X and assisting others in doing so.

Microsoft Updates Bing

Psystar to Apple: Would You Consider $50,000 Cash and $2.65 Million in Unsold Hackintoshes?

If this isn’t the end of the line for Psystar, it’s damn near close to it. According to court papers filed Tuesday, the Mac clone maker has opted to pay Apple $2.7 million in damages rather than continue its ill-starred legal battle with the company. That’s quite a sum for Psystar, whose total assets, according to its bankruptcy filing, are no more than $50,000.

Pystar Annihilation Postponed (Temporarily)

Psystar’s 17-month legal battle with Apple may not end in the Mac clone maker’s total obliteration. The two companies have agreed to a partial settlement, court documents show. Odd that Apple, which just days ago seemed intent on hanging Psystar’s lifeless body from the gates of 1 Infinite Loop, would agree to such a thing.

11.28.09 Weekend Update–Black Friday, Blue Saturday Edition

Everyone in the retail world was waiting with bated breath yesterday to find out if the current economic pinch would make consumers fight harder in the discount trenches or simply sound the retreat. Either way, the AllThingsD team was at its post this week bringing you tech and trends to keep you ahead of the pack.

Apple to Psystar: And Don’t Get Any Bright Ideas About a Black Friday Sale, Either

Having diligently hewn Psytar’s legal coffin over the past year and a half, Apple has now taken up its hammer and set about nailing the Mac clone maker into it. This week the company called for a permanent injunction against Psystar’s operations.

Apple Wins Judgement Against Psystar

“Psystar has violated Apple’s exclusive reproduction right, distribution right, and right to create derivative works.”

Psystar: The Roughest, Toughest, Hackintosh Stuffest Hombré That's Ever Crossed the Rio Grande

Interesting turn of events in the Apple-Psystar spat. The Mac clone maker has hired a new law firm in its battle against Apple’s copyright-infringement suit. Why? “Psystar has always been more a Cowboy than a Hippie,” the company said. “Now we’ve changed lawyers to better reflect who we are.”

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