Enterprise Gains Allow Microsoft to Beat Street Expectations in Q1

CEO Steve Ballmer turns in a strong quarter, which could be his last.

I’m Still Here: Stock Soars as Groupon Shows Stronger-Than-Expected Q1 Revenue

On the other hand, I could use a nice cup of hot growth.

Content Gains Allow Demand Media to Beat Wall Street Expectations on Q1 Earnings and Revenue

Strong performance of media properties added to the results.

Growth, Mobile and More: Facebook’s First-Quarter Earnings

Hopefully Zuck wants to talk about the explosive growth in mobile ad revenue.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

Shares Waver as Facebook Makes Its Q1 Numbers

The numbers are in — by a hair.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Home launch event.

Marissa Mayer Says Improving Flat Revenue at Yahoo Will Be a “Series of Sprints”

To Summly-rize: Yahoo is trying to race as fast as it can to keep up, but the results are still not in.

Broken Windows: Microsoft Misses on Revenue and Earnings in Q1

Time for some new shatterproof glass, it seems.

Fenwick VC Survey: Q2 Funding Valuations Shoot the Moon

According to the law firm’s latest Silicon Valley Venture Capital Survey, fundings in the second quarter of this year showed the highest valuation increases in more than five years.

PlayBook on Track for Q1 Kick-Off