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Demand CEO Richard Rosenblatt Talks Panda

Last week, after he turned in better-than-expected earnings and tried to explain to a worried Wall Street how the search algorithm changes at Google, called Panda, were significant but not devastating to his business, BoomTown had a short phone interview with Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt.

Liveblogging Demand Media's Q1 Earnings: Perky Perfecting!

Today, after Demand Media beat Wall Street expectations, its cheerful execs got on the horn with investors to explain how it plans to beat the Panda. That would be the beastly name for Google’s rejiggering of its search algorithm, in order to rid search results of poor quality content. BoomTown liveblogged the event, of course.

Demand Media Beats the Street in Q1 Earnings and Promises to Clean Up Its Content Act

Demand Media handily beat Wall Street expectations in its first quarter results today, released after the market closed. The company reported revenue of $79.5 million and six cents a share in adjusted net income. Investors were expecting the company to report about $69.6 million in revenue for the three months, with four cents a share in profits. On a GAAP basis, net loss per share was 13 cents compared to 94 cents a year ago.

Godspeed on That Investing Thing, Yertle–But I Still Have Some Questions for Your Boss, Arianna

Would it surprise you to know that BoomTown doesn’t really care anymore if TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington sidelines as a blogger while he makes investments in tech companies his tech news site covers? Especially after reading his post yesterday that made a good argument about who he is and, frankly, who he has always been. But that does not mean his boss, AOL content head Arianna Huffington, doesn’t have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Yahoo's (and Associated Content Founder) Luke Beatty Talks About Google's Content Farm Putsch

Yahoo’s Luke Beatty said he is not worried. “We welcome the change,” he insisted about Google taking aim last Friday at so-called “content farms,” producers of low-quality content that spam up the Web and the search giant’s results. “And we endorse what Google is doing 100 percent.” That’s ironic, given among those allegedly hit hardest by the tweaking of its famous algorithm–based on early, and perhaps questionable, surveys–is Yahoo’s Associated Content. Its founder talked to BoomTown about the impact.

With David Eun Departure, "The AOL Way" Makes Way for the Arianna Way

Despite all the polite throat-clearing in the various internal memos coming out of AOL today, with a rejiggering of its content management–including the ousting of Media and Studios President David Eun–what really happened was what sources said will be an about-face from a recent strategy of how to run its media business. That is likely to begin with the hip-checking of “The AOL Way,” which many sources tell BoomTown was Eun’s brainchild, once the $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post is completed.

Google's Content Farming: Good for Consumers or Good for PR?

In another significant search announcement yesterday, Google said it was revising its algorithm to target makers of low-quality content. Perhaps I’m being cynical, but the noisy search algorithm changes, while welcome to those using Google, also have a pretty clear goal to burnish the Silicon Valley company’s image.

Demand Responds to Google Content Purge

Here’s a blog post that Demand Media put up in response to Google’s announcement last night that it would prune low-quality content from its search results. Is Demand its target? The newly public company begs to differ.

Liveblogging Demand Media's (and Richard Rosenblatt's) First Earnings Call: The Avocado Difference!

BoomTown always enjoys the maiden voyage of a newly public company, so liveblogging Demand Media’s first quarterly earnings seems like a must-do. It’s also the first public outing for CEO Richard Rosenblatt, who has sold off his previous entrepreneurial efforts. His first point: Where else can you find out how to ripen an avocado?

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Ganging Up on Google