Demand A Plan: Tech Leaders Sign On to Mayors’ Effort to End Gun Violence

Will social media help an effort to ensure gun safety?

Code Advisors Takes a $25 Million Investment From J.P. Morgan

Big and little investment banks join hands to take on Silicon Valley better.


You Sold Your Company, What Did You Buy First? Here’s What I Did.

Having some money all of a sudden is a weird thing. I’ve always wondered what entrepreneurs do when they hit it. What do they buy, if at all?

CBS Interactive Head Neil Ashe Stepping Down

Neil Ashe, president of CBS Interactive, is stepping down from his post. CBS confirmed the move after BoomTown made inquiries recently, after hearing of various executives who had been contacted by the media giant about the position. It is not clear where Ashe is headed, nor who his replacement will be.

Real-Time Web Analytics Start-Up Chartbeat Tallies Up More Investors

Chartbeat, the real-time Web-publishing analytics service adds a few more celebrity angels to its funding round. And General Manager Tony Haile explains what, exactly, Web publishers are supposed to do with real-time data, anyway.

Media Consultant Michael Wolf Is a Media Consultant Again

It must be “hang out your shingle week” for big media vets. First, CBS digital dealmaker Quincy Smith and crew formally unveiled his M&A shop after months of planning. And here’s Michael Wolf, the longtime media consultant last seen at Viacom. He’s back to consulting again.

CNET Boss Joe Gillespie Has Left the Building

Joe Gillespie, the CBS executive who oversaw the company’s CNET and CBS sites, has left the company amid a reorg. Gillespie’s old unit, the CBS Interactive News Group, has been folded into a group with the company’s “business brands,” including BNET and MoneyWatch. Greg Mason, who was running the business group, now oversees the whole thing. But CBS says it doesn’t have any other shake-ups planned for its digital division.

Weekend Update 12.13.09–A New Hope

Just like other parts of the world, Silicon Valley has its own special magic during the holidays. We gather together around the old-timey glow of a CRT monitor and drag out our old CDs—especially the ones that say things like “Sign up for AOL now and receive 500 hours free.” With the familiar tone of a dial-up modem log-in on the stereo, we can almost smell the sweet aroma of irrational exuberance of holidays past.

Is Google Scary? Not to Silicon Valley, Even at a Party for a Book About How Scary It Could Be!

While at a book party for author Ken Auletta in San Francisco last night, BoomTown took the opportunity to ask those gathered whether they were scared or not of Google and its growing power. The Auletta book covers a lot about the search giant, but also drills in on how many have become increasingly wary of Google’s hegemony over key businesses on the Web. Nonetheless, the Silicon Valley types I queried were not even slightly worried and, oddly enough, many mentioned how they loved the food served up at the Googleplex. Hmmmm….

CBS Digital Boss Quincy Smith’s Not-Quite Exit Interview: “Hulu’s a Great Service. That’s Part of the Problem.”

The man who helped shape CBS’s standalone Web video strategy explains himself, for the record.

Weekend Update, 12/12/08

CBS Drops Web Video Show MobLogic.TV