Eight Questions for Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola

Clever engineering, good design and Google’s long-term commitment are all working in Motorola’s favor, says the boss.

We’re Not in San Francisco Anymore

I’m sitting across from 4 diff people talking on Razr flip phones at LAX airport. Have I traveled back in time & someone forgot to tell me?

Nick Bilton, via Twitter

Motorola CEO: We’re Going to Release Fewer Phones This Year

The Android phone maker says to expect a slowdown in the rapid-fire release of new models as it looks to concentrate its marketing behind several key products.
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Motorola’s Newest Droid: The Razr

Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. Tuesday unveiled its newest Droid smartphone and for inspiration reached back to an old name: The Razr.


AT&T to Push Atrix 4G to Counter Verizon iPhone

AT&T Inc. is cozying up to Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. as the carrier seeks to bulk up its smartphone portfolio running on Google Inc.’s Android operating system in the wake of losing its exclusive hold on Apple Inc.’s iPhone. To attract new customers, AT&T Mobility Chief Executive Ralph de la Vega said the forthcoming Motorola Atrix 4G will be the carrier’s leading device in its portfolio


Mobile Makers Target Rivals on Phones

Mobile-phone companies are experimenting with a new way to steal their rivals’ customers: the mobile insult to the device in hand. Their new tactic involves mobile ads that appear when a person using a competitor’s phone or network launches an application or browses the Web on their phone. The basic message: Oh, you could do better than that thing.

AT&T's Lurie on Losing the iPhone Exclusive: "We Aren't Concerned About It at All"

At D: Dive Into Mobile today, AT&T’s Glenn Lurie underwent intense scrutiny by Walt Mossberg on the state of AT&T’s wireless network and the ability to make calls. But Lurie’s strongest opinions were reserved for when it came time to talk about the company’s iPhone exclusivity, which by many reports is coming to an end in the new year.

Motorola CEO Calmly Prepares for the iPhone Storm

Arguably no company gained as much from Verizon’s lack of an iPhone than Motorola. But with a Verizon iPhone appearing imminent, it’s also true that it is one of the companies most at risk.

Droid: “The Best Smart Phone Not Made by Apple”

Droid, Motorola’s most anticipated cellphone since the launch of the Razr in 2004, arrived at market today, to a warm reception by most accounts. Some 2,000 Verizon Wireless stores opened early this morning, many to lines–though admittedly, the lines are far shorter than those that accompanied the launch of certain rival devices.

Has AT&T Bailed on Motorola's Android Phones?

When Motorola announces its new Android handsets at a scheduled Sept. 10 event in San Francisco, AT&T isn’t likely to be among their carriers. Sources close to the company tell MKM Partners analyst Tero Kuittinen that AT&T balked at Motorola’s Sawgrass and Heron handsets, allegedly because of their dated display technology.

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