Why a Cozy Relationship Between Valve and Oculus VR Makes Perfect Sense

The two gaming companies have an incestuous history and chummy relationship, and they’re headed toward the same point in 2014.
Team Fortress 2's Soldier, Pyro and Heavy try the Oculus Rift.

Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe on Raising $75 Million, the “Oh My God” Demo and Working With Valve

Iribe discusses how a hardware breakthrough got the company its new mega round.

BlackBerry Sacks 250 Employees

The axe swings again.

Global Platform Head Carroll Departs Yahoo for Go Daddy, While Yahoo News Head Leaves for NBC

An internationalization exec and key news exec take their skills elsewhere.

News Byte

Seagate Plans $180 Million R&D Center for Empty Solyndra Plant

The vacated Solyndra solar plant in Fremont, Calif., is getting a new tenant focused on the future of a more mature technology. Seagate Technology on Friday announced plans for a $180 million research and development complex, employing as many as 600 people, to work on next-generation disk drives. The Solyndra plant, highly energy efficient and powered in part with solar panels, is “as close as we could get if we were building a custom facility tailored to our needs,” said Steven Deason, Seagate’s facilities director.

Yahoo’s Q1 Earnings: New CEO Will Get Some Satisfaction!

New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is making list and taking names.

Huawei’s John Roese on the Telecom Giant That Wants to Roar: The Full AsiaD Interview (Video)

The Chinese company is the world’s second-largest maker of telecommunications and networking gear — and you’re about to hear a lot more from it going forward.

John Roese on Redefining Huawei and the Democratization of Smartphones

Today, Huawei is a $29 billion company. Ten years from now, it hopes to be at $100 billion. The head of Huawei’s North American R&D team is one of the guys charged with making that happen.
John Roese AsiaD

Final AsiaD Speakers: Apple’s Phil Schiller and Former VP Al Gore

AsiaD is now ready for launch, with a little taste of Apple and the Veep.

Even More AsiaD Speakers: Yahoo’s Yang, HTC’s Wang, Samsung’s Hong and More!

You want more AsiaD speakers, we got more. And there are more to come, too!

Massive Layoffs Expected at Nokia

HP Names Ex-SAP Chief Apotheker as CEO

Ford CEO Alan Mulally Live at D8