Facebook Wants to Be a Newspaper. Facebook Users Have Their Own Ideas.

It’s tough to make everyone happy. Can Facebook reconcile its high-minded design ideals with the interests of users and publishers?
Facebook News Feed Event

Facebook Testing Instapaper-Like “Save for Later Reading” Feature

For all those long reads you keep putting off.

Not Just for Mobile Anymore: Flipboard Magazines Come to the Web

A desktop experience for the social magazine.

Going, Going, Just About Gone: Google Will Nuke Reader Data Tomorrow

If you’ve waited this long, you probably don’t care. But: You’ve got until noon Pacific Time on Monday to save your subscriber data.
last chance

Bummed Google Reader’s Going Away? Get Over It. Go Out With Somebody Else.

Buck up, buttercup. There are plenty of other news readers in the sea.

News Byte

AOL Launches Its Own Reader

AOL on Monday launched a Reader product, days before Google plans to shut down its own Reader service on July 1. AOL allows Google Reader users to import their feeds into the new AOL Reader, which comes with basic tagging and organizational features (like most other reader products currently available) and has an API accessible to third-party developers and their apps. Digg, the social site responsible for aggregating and highlighting interesting Web content, has also launched a reader product.


Facebook Aims to Become Newspaper for Mobile Devices

Facebook has been quietly working on a Flipboard-style mobile news reader.

AOL to Launch a Reader Product

Here come the Reader wars.

Hearst Taps Demand Media’s Bradford and Yucaipa’s Johnson to “Redefine” the San Francisco Chronicle

Can the City by the Bay finally get the newspaper it deserves?
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Google Currents News Reader Debuts (Phew!)