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Flipboard to Close Additional $50 Million Investment Tomorrow

Flipboard, which recently raised $50 million in new funding in a round led by Rizvi Traverse Management and Goldman Sachs, will file information about an additional $50 million investment from Rizvi tomorrow, said sources. The expansion of its Series C funding means that Flipboard will have raised about $160 million in total, and puts the valuation of the Silicon Valley startup that makes the popular social reading service that has 100 million active users at $800 million. The possibility of extra funding was first reported by Fortune’s Dan Primack.

LeapFrog’s Latest Gadget for Kids: Magic Pen for Both E-Reading and Writing

Now if you could just tear your kid away from the iPad …

Yahoo Paid $30 Million in Cash for 18 Months of Young Summly Entrepreneur’s Time

For the PR boost alone, it might be worth it.

LinkedIn to Buy Pulse Newsreader for More Than $50M

And the winner is … LinkedIn!

Who’s About to Acquire News Reading App Pulse? Try an Unlikely New Content Powerhouse: LinkedIn.

Read all about it: The nifty startup is in advanced talks to be acquired by a major “platform” company — and my vote goes to the fast-growing business network.

Viral Video: Samuel L. Jackson Channels Taylor Swift (Oh, Goody)

We are never ever going to stop laughing.

As Fantasy Football Servers Fumble on Game Day, Yahoo Rolls Out More Homepage Tests Ahead of December Launch

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” — Vince Lombardi
mark sanchez jets football

Wattpad Takes Quick $17.3M for Thriving E-Book Community

Wattpad, a booming e-book community site, hosts five million stories, with 500,000 added per month.

Deep Diver James Cameron Talked Ocean Geekery Way Back at D8

His love of the sea goes on (and deep this time).