Reporters “Not Invited” as Microsoft Lays Out Its Financial Future on September 19

The company says it will Webcast a Sept. 19 meeting with financial analysts but says reporters will not be welcome as they have in years past.
Just not invited with logo

Aiming for “Functional Coherence,” Mulling a Different P&L and With Advice From Ford CEO, Microsoft Restructuring Set for Thursday

Get ready for the rumble — and you know Steve Ballmer loves to rumble.

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Xbox Head Don Mattrick Leaving to Take Top Role — Possibly CEO — At Zynga

A very big hire for the troubled online gaming giant.

Microsoft Raising the Roof Ahead of Windows Developer Conference

A massive tent, spanning the size of a dozen basketball courts, has started going up on Microsoft’s campus ahead of its developer conference in two weeks.
Microsoft is erecting a one-acre tent for the Build developer conference

Consumer Cellular to Lease Shuttered T-Mobile Call Center, Hire at Least 650 Workers

The small carrier plans to take over a Redmond, Ore., call center being vacated by T-Mobile as part of recent job cuts.

eBay Is the Most Recent Bay Area Transplant to Seek Access to Seattle’s Talent Pool

The e-commerce giant has joined a growing list of companies willing to brave the rain in order to gain access to a deep pool of technology engineers in Seattle.

As Skype Skips Through Approvals — What’s the Deal With the Deal?

As the deal officially closes, what’s next?

Gearing Up for Microsoft’s Big Week

Redmond is due to offer its first detailed look at Windows 8 and make its case to developers and Wall Street at a conference in Anaheim, Calif.

Liveblogging Microsoft Q4 Earnings: I’m So Excited and I Just Can’t Hide It

Microsoft had a solid fourth quarter, which is why the conference call with Wall Street analysts should be relatively short and sweet. Or sweet, at least.

Binging in the Holidays (With Donuts!)

GSA Goes Google