Qualcomm Says China Is Investigating Whether Firm Broke Its Anti-Monopoly Law

CEO Paul Jacobs had said the company has been seeing fallout in China related to the NSA scandal and other U.S. government actions.

New FCC Boss Tom Wheeler Says He Represents the People, Not the Tech Industry (Interview)

The new FCC head addresses worries that his days as a cable- and wireless-industry lobbyist would make him more interested in industry concerns than in fighting for consumers’ rights.

Don’t Regulate Me, Bro! Social Casino Companies Band Together to “Inform” Lawmakers.

The social casino gaming trade group ISGA wants to stop government regulation before it can start. Whether it’s going to start is another question.

Why Is Uber Fighting a Regulatory Battle That It Already Won?

Uber being Uber, it doesn’t want the CPUC to get the idea that it can tell Uber what to do.

News Byte

New York State Considering New Regulatory Guidelines for Bitcoin

The superintendent of New York State’s Department of Financial Services said on Monday that his department has “launched an inquiry into the appropriate regulatory guidelines that it should put in place for virtual currencies,” the most prominent of which is bitcoin. The superintendent, Benjamin M. Lawsky, said that preliminary inquiries have found that there are virtual currency businesses acting as money transmitters, but without the proper safeguards in place. Beyond looking to make sure that these businesses abide by existing guidelines, Lawsky said his agency is also considering new guidelines specific to virtual currencies.


Tech Firms Back Obama Patent Move

Technology companies welcomed the Obama administration’s decision to wade into the debate over patent litigation, seeing a chance to stem a flood of lawsuits they say is hurting innovation.

California Clears SideCar Ride-Sharing App, Months After Competitors

Peer-to-peer ride-sharing service SideCar is cleared to operate in California, the California Public Utilities Commission is expected to announce today.

Schmidt: Talking to Google Glass Could Make You a Spectacle

“I’m always concerned about premature regulation.”

T-Mobile Settles Claim That Its No-Strings Plans Have Too Many Strings

Washington state alleged that T-Mobile wasn’t being upfront with customers about their obligations to fully pay off a phone before canceling service.


Google Proposes Settlement Terms to EU Regulators

In a settlement proposal to European Union antitrust lawyers, Google will submit a legally binding commitment to make minor changes to the look of its Web-search engine in order to allay concerns that it is hurting competitors.

Comcast and Verizon Merge Without Merging