At D10, LinkedIn Execs Discuss Being the Entrepreneur of Your Own Life (Video)

In video highlights from D10, LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner and Reid Hoffman discuss how LinkedIn’s IPO has fared, managing careers in a down economy and other timely topics.


Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, LinkedIn

Six degrees of separation never had it so good. At LinkedIn, Hoffman proved that the “I know someone who knows someone” networking tenet could operate on a worldwide scale. He’s also been a longtime investor, as a venture capitalist at Greylock Partners, where he leads its Discovery Fund and as an angel investor, with stakes in in Facebook, Flickr,, and Zynga. He serves on the boards of Airbnb, Edmodo, Mozilla (Firefox), Shopkick, Swipely and Zynga and has co-led investments in, Groupon, and Viki. He was also on the founding board at PayPal.

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