Can Congress Blow Up the TV Bundle? John McCain Is Going to Try — Again.

Everyone says they want a la carte TV — at least in theory. But there’s no way to get it unless the industry collapses or the laws change.
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HP CEO Meg Whitman Changes Opposition Stance to Same-Sex Marriage

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman has switched a previous political stance, signing a legal document saying that gay people have a constitutional right to be married. The move — which was coordinated by dozens of high-profile Republicans — came in the form of a brief to the Supreme Court as part of a case it is hearing to strike down California’s controversial Proposition 8, which barred same-sex marriage. Whitman was a vocal supporter of the ballot initiative when she ran unsuccessfully for governor in the state.

News Byte

Should Twitter Ban Hamas?

Should Twitter allow named terrorist groups to continue to tweet? Not according to a group of Republican House members, who have asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to force the San Francisco-based social communications company to ban accounts of organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. “The FBI and Twitter must recognize sooner rather than later that social media is a tool for the terrorists,” said a letter fro, Rep. Ted Poe of Texas.

One More Election Prediction, From — No, Not Nate Silver or Karl Rove — SurveyMonkey

Whatever your choice: Go vote!
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Romney Disses Tesla as “Loser” at Debate

Tesla becomes a political hot potato.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Take Their Turns On Clint Eastwood’s Chair

Go ahead. Make my viral video.
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Freedom of Tweet: Rupert Murdoch Continues to Light Up Twitter With Jibes

Neither the Founding Fathers nor Jack Dorsey could have anticipated this.

Making the Switch

I was a big Clinton and Gore supporter in the 90s … I turned 40 last year and so I figured it was time to make the switch.

Marc Andreessen, on CNBC, talking about his support for Mitt Romney

Americans Vote One T-Shirt and Bumper Sticker at a Time — And Here Are the Early Results

The sale and creation of bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs and other political gear may be a better indication of which candidates Americans like than some of the primaries.
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Obama Starts a Tumblr