A Windows Laptop With an Apple Price, but Less Juice

Toshiba’s Kirabook is a speedy and reliable machine that’s thin and light without feeling cheap, but not worth the price, says Walt.

Consumer Reports: T-Mobile Fudged Camera Specs on New Smartphones

So, about that five-megapixel camera …

Amazon’s Next Kindle Fire Will Ship in Q3 With Improved Display

Amazon’s got a new Kindle Fire in the pipeline. Here are some more details.

Two Slim Digital Cameras Worth Considering – Even With Your Smartphone

The Sony Cyber-shot TX66 and Canon PowerShot Elph 520 pack lots of features into small bodies.

Introducing Your Super Large, High-Resolution Face on Facebook

Facebook photos can now be viewed in high-res, full-screen mode. Eek!

MacBook Pro Could Get a New Year’s Resolution Boost

As its MacBook Air’s specs drift into the power user realm, how will Apple differentiate its MacBook Pro line?

Motorola’s Xoom Starts Tablet Wars With iPad

Motorola is launching its Xoom tablet on Feb. 24, and it’s the first real competitor to Apple’s hit iPad, writes Walt. That is partly because it is the first iPad challenger to run Honeycomb, an elegant new version of Google’s Android operating system designed especially for tablets.

The Streak 7: Bargain Tablet From Dell Is No Real Deal

Dell’s Streak 7 is the least expensive tablet from a major manufacturer and claims to be the first capable of 4G cellular speeds, but the compromises made to get the price down make it impossible to recommend.

Twitter Courts Google's Sundar Pichai for Head of Product

Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of Chrome and Chrome OS at Google, is being aggressively courted by Twitter to be its next head of product, according to sources. But Google is apparently fighting back hard on this latest effort by high-profile Web 2.0 companies, including Twitter and Facebook, to raid its huge talent pool.

RunKeeper Hopes to Be Your App for That New Year's Resolution

The RunKeeper Pro app, usually $9.99, is free from now through the end of January. Since the promotion started yesterday, downloads of the app have been up more than 10 times the normal number for a single day.