Can’t Wait for That New iPad Mini? Try an Apple Store.

What better holiday ambassador for the Apple Store than the Retina iPad mini you can’t find anywhere else?

Retina iPad Mini’s Color Range Still a Shade Shy of the Best

Two new analyses of the iPad mini with Retina display reveal that the device’s screen isn’t as color-accurate as the new iPad Air or rival 7-inch tablets.

Apple Starts Shipping iPad Mini With Retina Display Today

The wait is over.

An iPad Christmas, Sure, but Will It Be a Retina iPad Mini Christmas?

“It’s unclear whether we will have enough for the quarter or not,” says Tim Cook.

Why Is Apple Still Selling the iPad 2? Because It Can.

New research shows there’s still reasonable demand for the device.

Apple’s iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini Event, in Pictures

The view from the audience at Apple’s latest product event.
ipad air

Apple Unveils a Mightier iPad Mini

The iPad mini gets a Retina display and Apple’s new 64-bit A7 chip.

What to Expect From Apple’s Fall iPad Event (Spoiler: New iPads!)

Fifth-generation iPad, second-generation iPad mini, OS X Mavericks, Haswell MacBook Pros …

Apple Will Hold Fall iPad Event on October 22

Save the date.

Former Citigroup CTO Yobie Benjamin Joins Wearable Startup Avegant

The company, which uses a series of tiny mirrors to project a virtual display onto the retina, plans to debut a prototype consumer device next month.

So Long, 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Scenes From a WWDC (Comic)

Apple’s New iPad