“Arrested Development” Helps Netflix Add More Than 600,000 Subscribers

And that’s probably not enough to satisfy Wall Street.
Arrested Development Sarandos

CBS Has a Weapon It Won’t Use in Its Time Warner Cable Fight

For a good reason (at least in Les Moonves’ eyes).

Here’s the McDonald’s Ad All the Web Guys Think Is Genius

Behind the scenes at the Golden Arches — a possible glimpse of Web advertising’s future.
mcdonald's canada youtube

If Netflix Were on TV, It Might Be the Biggest Network on Cable. But About That New Show …

Netflix subscribers watched a record 4 billion hours of video last quarter, which makes it as big as the Disney Channel. But they may not tune in for “Hemlock Grove.”

Facebook’s Early Christmas Gift: Shares Surge on Analyst Upgrades

Facebook’s usual Wall Street Scrooges do a sudden, positive about-face on the stock’s prospects.

The Case Against Facebook’s Mobile Ads

Facebook knows a ton about you. So, wonders analyst Rich Greenfield, why is it showing you ads for stuff you don’t want? (Possible retort: Because you don’t know you want it.)

More Free Web TV Disappears: Some March Madness Games Will Go Behind Paywall

Last year you could even watch the games on an iPad app without paying a penny. That’s all over now.

Like Sports on Cable? Pay Up. Don’t Like Sports on Cable? Pay Up, Anyway.

Here’s how your monthly cable bill gets split up. Spoiler: Disney and ESPN get a really big chunk.

Time to Say Goodbye to the Cable Guy: Why You’ll Buy TV on the Web in 2012

“Not if, just when in 2012”, says analyst Rich Greenfield. OK. But who? Amazon? Verizon? Wal-Mart?
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Here’s Why Hollywood Needs UltraViolet — Or Something — To Work

DVD sales are tanking, and iTunes, Amazon and Netflix aren’t making up the difference.
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