Richard Rosenblatt

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Demand Media

Rosenblatt, who co-founded Demand Media in May 2006, has built, operated and sold numerous Internet media companies with a combined value of more than $1.3 billion. Most recently, he served as chief executive officer of Intermix Media, and chairman of MySpace. He was part of a team that helped grow MySpace from an unknown Web site until its acquisition by News Corporation in October 2005 for $650 million. A Southern California native, Rosenblatt holds a BA from UCLA and a JD from USC Law School.

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Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt to Step Down

Richard Rosenblatt, the CEO and chairman of Demand Media, announced on Monday that he will step down from the company he co-founded and launched seven years ago. Co-founder Shawn Colo will step in as board president and interim CEO after Rosenblatt’s resignation is final, effective Oct. 31 (Halloween, as it happens). Board member James Quandt has been named chairman, effective immediately.

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Strong performance of media properties added to the results.

Demand Media Finally Breaks Away for Good From Lance Armstrong

The race is not always to the swift.

Ten Things About Me

Eleven Things About Demand Media’s Richard Rosenblatt

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt is perennially upbeat, and today, at least, he’s got good cause.
Richard Rosenblatt headshot

Exclusive: The Billion-Dollar Inside Story of How Demand Media Almost Went Private Last Week (And Then Didn’t)

According to sources close to the situation, Demand Media was deep into discussions with a private equity firm to complete a deal that would have taken the online content company private for double its current value.

Demand Media Beats Expectations Slightly in Q4 Report; Buying Back More Stock; CEO: “Turbulent Year”

Demand makes its numbers, as Wall Street scrutinizes the online content company’s traffic and costs.

Now, Breathe: Demand Media Beats Wall Street Expectation in Q3

The online social content company did better than expected in the recent quarter, but it still has to prove its model has more lucrative legs.

What Answers Will Investors Be Demand-ing in the Q3 Call Today?

With its stock reeling and some traffic issues, it’s been a tough quarter for the social content company.

Demand Responds to Google Content Purge