Is This “The Last Console Generation”? And Nine Other Questions for Sony’s Jack Tretton.

The CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America talks about the launch of the PlayStation 4 and how it stacks up to competitors — both in the living room and in gamers’ pockets.
Tretton feature

EMI Music to Developers: Take My Music, Please

A deal between the label and music tech start-up Echo Nest gives coders access to songs they’ve heard of, with a minimum of fuss. Imagine that!

Forge Your Own Guitar Skills With Ubisoft’s Rocksmith

No more silly plastic guitars with buttons. Ubisoft has rigged a way for people to learn to play a real electric guitar using videogames.

New E-Book Explores the Rise and Fall of the Music Game Genre

A new book being released today talks to the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band to find out why the industry hit such a sour note after one year of off-the-charts revenues.


Early Adopter: Rock Prodigy Wants You to Be a Real-Life Guitar Hero

Nothing makes you feel like a rock god more than shredding on Activision’s Guitar Hero or Electronic Arts’ Rock Band–except, of course, for actually becoming one.

Verizon Wireless Touts 4G Network, Shows Off Devices

Verizon showed off 10 devices coming in the first half of the year and said it will cover another 140 cities with the high-speed network by year’s end.

Chartbeat Says the Rise of the Machines Won't Be So Bad if You're a Cyborg

Or why Tony Haile wants you to learn to stop worrying and love data–and pay up for a subscription to Newsbeat, his new analytics service.

Viacom Sold Rock Band for a Song. A Really, Really Cheap Song.

If you’ve got $49.99, you can buy a copy of “Rock Band 3.” Or you could have bought the company that makes the videogame. Ouch.

Game Off! Viacom Dumps Rock Band on Investment Group

Remember when music video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band were red-hot? That was a couple of years ago.


Viacom to Unload Rock Band Unit

Viacom Inc. is telling the band to pack up and go. The New York-based entertainment company is preparing to unload its Harmonix videogame division, maker of the popular “Rock Band” line of games.

Guitar Hero's Dan Rosensweig Speaks!

Weekend Update, 3.28.09

Rock Band: I Am a Golden God!