Remembering Michael Hastings

I think there’s unprecedented space now in journalism to really say things that you wouldn’t have been able to get in print, or at least a large audience for, even ten years ago.

— Michael Hastings, contributing editor for Rolling Stone and reporter for BuzzFeed, in a 2012 AMA on Reddit. Hastings died in a car crash in L.A. on Tuesday.

Marissa Mayer Makes a Media Deal

The new Yahoo boss gets content from Wenner Media’s Us Weekly and Rolling Stone — a deal that dates back to the Ross Levinsohn era.
us weekly yahoo omg excerpt

Julian Assange on Anonymous

This was a very apolitical group that had absolutely no understanding about the military-industrial complex whatsoever, and no understanding about international finance. As a result of joining our battle and trying to protect themselves, they have come to see that the threats related to Internet freedom come from the military-industrial complex, the banking system and the media.

Julian Assange, in Rolling Stone, referring to Anonymous

Wenner Media Digital Boss Michael Bloom Leaves After Six Months

Bloom joined the publisher, which owns Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal, in May. Friday afternoon he sent out a memo announcing his departure.
michael bloom

Why Rolling Stone’s Cover Won’t Be on an iPad Anytime Soon

I don’t think that gives you much advantage as a magazine reader to read it on the tablet — in fact less so. It’s a little more difficult. From the publisher’s point of view I would think they’re crazy to encourage it.

Digital unenthusiast Jann Wenner, explaining why he’s not rushing to create special versions of his magazines — US Weekly, Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone — for the iPad or any other tablet. Well worth reading the entire interview in AdAge.

Yahoo's Shine Editor-in-Chief Departs for Condé Nast's Lucky Magazine

As Yahoo seeks to sort out its women’s strategy online, Brandon Holley–the editor-in-chief of its main women-focused site, Shine–is leaving for a job with the same title at Condé Nast’s Lucky magazine.

Weekend Update 04.24.10–The Maltese Falcon Edition

The major story that unfolded in Silicon Valley this third week in April was fit for the silver screen. The divine screenwriter collected a cast featuring Baron VonJobs, Denton and his Gizmodo goons, and one well meaning–if tragically unlucky–software developer. Laws may have been violated, bribes were paid, and all over the seemingly golden prize that, let’s face it, we all would have seen in eight weeks anyway.

Rolling Stone’s New Song: Money

Rolling Stone magazine, which has more or less slept through the Web era, is finally waking up. A new site launches today, along with a new strategy: Online subscriptions.

Twones May Be a Legal Hype Machine. But It’s No Hype Machine.

If you want to make a great music service, you either need to spend yourself into oblivion or risk lawsuits that will do the same thing. Twones has a clever idea to avoid both fates, but its service suffers as a result.

Sue or Sign: EMI Trades Lawsuit for Deal With Music Start-Up Grooveshark

Well look at that: EMI Music Group, which had been working on a licensing deal with music start-up Grooveshark but ended up suing it instead, now has a licensing deal with Grooveshark after all.

Mossberg Does Moby: Video and More!

F8: "Don't Be Bad"