Sunrise, Sunset: Why Companies Kill Products We Love

The first motivation of sunsetting is herding customer groups into larger concentrated pools of usage.

Not Just for Mobile Anymore: Flipboard Magazines Come to the Web

A desktop experience for the social magazine.

To Bulk Up on Content, Learnist Aims at RSS Feeds

Content, content everywhere. Ed-tech startup Learnist wants creators to submit it to the site, via RSS.

Bummed Google Reader’s Going Away? Get Over It. Go Out With Somebody Else.

Buck up, buttercup. There are plenty of other news readers in the sea.

Q&A: Digg’s Andrew McLaughlin and Jake Levine Race to Replace Google Reader

Under new ownership, the once-great online news aggregator is being reimagined as a feed reader replacement.
Digg's Andrew McLaughlin, David Levine and Jake Levine

AOL to Launch a Reader Product

Here come the Reader wars.

Blogging Pioneer Dave Winer Launches Outliner Web App That Saves Everything Locally

Little Outliner may appeal to people who don’t like storing their stuff in some company’s cloud.

News Byte

Insert Bad “Google Closes the Book on Reader” Pun Here

As part of its ongoing spring cleaning, Google on Wednesday announced plans to sunset eight features and services. Among them is Google Reader, a widely used RSS reader the company has been offering since 2005. Why shutter the beloved news reader? Says Google, “usage of Google Reader has declined, and as a company we’re pouring all of our energy into fewer products.” Google will retire Reader on July 1 of this year.

Is Apple’s Mobile RSS Reader Down for the Count?

Is RSS the floppy disk of Web content, in Apple’s eyes?

Eye to Eye

Tools for Taming the Media

Clay Shirky and John Battelle share their strategies for media consumption.

Pulse News App for iPad Gets Social

Goodbye FeedBurner, Hello MailChimp