Salon CEO Gingras to Head Up News at Google

Richard Gingras, the chief executive of Salon Media Group, said on Wednesday he is leaving the online publisher to become global head of news products for Google Inc.

Sugar Inc. Goes Local With FreshGuide Acquisition

San Francisco-based women-focused online media site Sugar Inc. has made it first significant move into the local market, by announcing its purchase of FreshGuide. The locally focused FreshGuide makes women-aimed city guides that show off daily offers in a wide range of arenas, such as beauty, health and fitness. Another FreshGuide offering, BookFresh, does online booking for spas and salons.

The Swiss Army Knife of Portable Videos

RealPlayer SP grabs videos from the Web and converts and transfers them to over a dozen portable devices. While other software programs perform two or just one of these tasks, RealPlayer’s trio of talent make it like a digital Swiss army knife.

New York Times Online Payment Plan Coming Soon?

The New York Times has already tried charging people to read part of its Web site. Now, like everyone else in the publishing business, it’s trying to figure out how to charge for online access again. The Times is reportedly mulling two options: A Financial Times-style “metered” approach and a Salon/NPR/PBS version whereby everyone gets free access to the site, but subscribers/donors get bonus goodies.