Pinterest Hires San Francisco Chronicle President Joanne Bradford to Lead Advertiser and Media Partnerships (Updated)

The social scrapbooking company looks to a veteran online ad exec to make some bank from its audience.

San Francisco May Crack Down on Corporate Shuttle Buses (Update)

San Francisco wants tech employee shuttle buses, which have become a symbol of elitism for many residents, to be a little more considerate.
Excerpt from a Stamen Design map of employee bus routes

Hearst Taps Demand Media’s Bradford and Yucaipa’s Johnson to “Redefine” the San Francisco Chronicle

Can the City by the Bay finally get the newspaper it deserves?
photo 1

Interview: C.W. Anderson and Emily Bell Discuss the Future of “Post-Industrial Journalism”

Step one: Open Microsoft Excel. Step two: Do everything else.

ScraperWiki Tries to Turn Journalists Into Hackers

Should reporters learn to code?

Exclusive: Longtime Yahoo Front Page Editor Liz Lufkin Out

Another ones bites the dust: According to sources close to the situation, longtime Yahoo Front Page chief Liz Lufkin has parted ways with the company.

TownHog Focuses on Publishing Partnerships as Its Own Daily Deal Brand Fades

San Francisco-based TownHog is rolling out a new feature for its daily deals platform, which will allow third-party publishers to make offers in real time through mobile applications.

Intern Becomes Real Live Blog Dude–ATD Hires Drake Martinet

It is always nice when an intern makes good, and that is entirely the case with Drake Martinet, who joins All Things Digital–as of yesterday, in fact. We could not be happier. Plus, we knew he was our kind of geek after he agreed to spend the night in a tent next to Robert Scoble, to cover last year’s Apple iPad release. Drake will be working on a range of things for ATD, from social and multimedia efforts to site analytics to discovering and writing about promising but nascent tech start-ups.

Are Web Ads Only for Oldsters? Yahoo’s Disturbing Study.

No surprise: A study financed by Yahoo says that Yahoo ads helped a customer sell more stuff. A big surprise: The same study says the ad only works on people born before Woodstock.


AT&T: Are They Trying to Lose Wireline Customers?

Wow, this is pretty strange behavior for a company that is hemorrhaging access lines. AT&T has unveiled plans to raise landline phone rates by more than 20 percent in California, according to both the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle.