Sirius Profit Rises on Subscriber Growth

Sirius XM Radio Inc.’s fourth-quarter earnings more than doubled as the satellite-radio operator benefited from continued subscriber growth and lower churn, or subscriber turnover.


FCC Approves AT&T’s Spectrum Plan

Federal regulators signed off Wednesday on a plan that would resolve longstanding interference issues between AT&T Inc. and Sirius XM Radio Inc. and allow the wireless giant to expand its high-speed LTE network.

Sirius: Don’t Fret About the Subscriber Shortfall

That forecast for 1.6 million net adds still holds.

Auto Sales Increase Bodes Well for Sirius

Looks like Sirius XM’s run of good luck will continue well into the new year. New-vehicle retail sales data from J.D. Power and Associates suggests an increase in consumer demand for new cars. And for Sirius that means continued subsciber growth–perhaps even significant subscriber growth.

Sirius Digging Out of Its Hole

Another milestone for Sirius XM. Shares in the satellite radio broadcaster hit a new 52-week high Wednesday after the company said new-subscriber growth tripled in the third quarter.

Sirius Tunes In Subscriber Gains

Just about this time a year ago, Sirius XM Radio was up a certain creek with nary a paddle in sight. Its shares were trading at around 35 cents, it was hemorrhaging money, and anemic car sales had just led it to post its first-ever decline in net subscriber additions. Which makes the satellite-radio operator’s announcement of a nice spike in subscribership today all the more sweet.

Sirius Posts a Profit

Sirius XM Radio’s latest quarter turned out to be a decent one for the satellite radio operator. Posting first-quarter earnings this morning, the company reported a profit of $41.6 million, or one cent a share, compared with a year-earlier loss of $52.6 million, or seven cents a share.


Satellite Radio Resists FCC Airwave Proposal

A Federal Communications Commission plan to expand wireless Internet access is raising the ire of Sirius XM Radio Inc. and its fans, who are concerned the effort to end a 13-year fight may interfere with satellite-radio programming.

Sirius: We’ll Just Put This Delisting Notice in the Circular File

It was inevitable, really. Having given up the gains that pushed its shares past $1 and failed to close over that threshold for 10 straight days by March 15, Sirius XM invited a delisting notice. And Wednesday afternoon Nasdaq gave it one.

Sirius Back Above a Buck

Sirius XM Radio is a penny stock no more. Shares of the satellite radio company rose above $1 this morning, the first time they crossed that threshold since September 2008. As I write this, Sirius shares are trading at $1.07, up 11.46 percent for the day.

Stern Ditching Sirius for Terrestrial?

Not Bad, Sirius. Not Bad.

Sirius XM: Cash for Clunker

Heck of a Job, Karmi


Why So Sirius?

Insert "Sirius Trouble" Pun Here